Participatory multi-Level EO-assisted tools
for Irrigation water management
and Agricultural Decision-Support

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PLEIADeS addresses the efficient and sustainable use of water for food production in water-scarce environments. We consider the economic, environmental, technical, social, and political dimensions through a synergy of leading-edge technologies and participatory approaches. These technologies provide easy access to information for all stakeholders while active participation will be effected by spatial information and innovative networking tools.

PLEIADeS aims at improving the performance of irrigation schemes by means of a range of measures.Major technical innovation is made possible by the comprehensive space-time coverage of Earth observation(EO) data and the interactive networking/connecting capabilities of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

A set of pilot Case Studies represents a sample of the wide range of conditions found in the European and Southern Mediterranean and in the Americas, covering Portugal,Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Morocco,Mexico, Peru, and Brazil.

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Info-Day "Technology and Science for Efficient Irrigation"

An international Info Day was held in Albacete (Spain) on 11 November 2009. It was jointly organized by the Instituto de Desarrollo Regional (IDR) and the Centro Regional del Agua (CREA), both of the Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha (UCLM). It brought together stakeholders from several countries with the teams of European projects FLOW-AID (coordinated by Wageningen University) and PLEIADeS (coordinated by UCLM-IDR).
PLEIADeS has ended on 14 November 2009
after running for three years and two months. The various components of the Final Report are currently in the Workspace (internal access only). Some of them will be available for general download soon.
Factsheets available for download
The set of Factsheets on pilot areas and Work-packages can now be accessed in the Downloads section.

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